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Techniques by Goaltender

The techniques by goaltender need huge mental toughness. While one always has the chance to play the hero, the goalie has to shoulder the responsibly of any failure of not being able to prevent a goal.

Common techniques by goaltender

Angle play
Here, he positions himself in a direct line between the puck and the net, covering more of the net than he would otherwise be able to. Main article: Blocker (ice hockey)

The blocker is a rectangular piece of gear with a glove to hold the stick and is worn on the right hand. It is used to protect the wrist area, and direct shots away from the net.

This equipment, referred to as the "glove", has evolved into a highly detailed piece of gear that is designed specially to catch the puck. The trapper can be held in a variety of positions depending upon the individual goaltender.

Butterfly save
Another of the techniques by goaltender, most modern goaltenders generally work in the "butterfly" position. They keep their knees together and their stick covers their knee gap. They focus on the incoming shot while keeping the glove up, ready for a possible deflection.

Another protective headgear worn by goaltenders, Masks have evolved to the current helmet/special "birdcage. Most goaltenders have their masks decorated to symbolize their team's colors, landmarks in the city they play in or any personal interests.

The paddle is the thick part of the goaltender's stick. As one of the important techniques by goaltender, it is not to be mistaken for the blade.

Poke check
When the goaltender quickly slides his hand up the stick, thrusting forward towards the puck, he actually wants to poke it away from an opposing player. This is one of the risky techniques by goaltender as there are chances of him missing the puck-carrier and will be left with an unguarded net.

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