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The New Ice Hockey Game

The origin of the game may lie some where else, but the first game of new Ice hockey too place at Montreal. It is also considered the centre of the development of the new Ice hockey sport. The first organized game was played at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink, indoor between two sides of nine-player teams. The rules of the new Ice hockey game were developed by Canadian J G A Creighton.

Today, Ice hockey is an Olympic sport. The new Ice hockey game is the most popular team sport played on ice, between two opposing teams wearing ice skates. At a time, each team has six players on the ice rink at a time, unless there is a penalty. The objective of the game is to knock the hockey puck into the nets of the opposing team. The net is guarded by a special player called the goalie.

The first artificial ice rink, Glaciarium, was built in 1876, at Chelsea, London, England for new Ice hockey sport. These modern ice rinks are kept clean and smooth by using a machine called the Zamboni.

The new Ice hockey sport became so popular that the first world championship of the game was featured in Montreal's annual Winter Carnival. Due to it popularity, soon there were more than a hundred teams and leagues throughout Canada. In US, the first new Ice hockey matches were played at Yale University and Johns Hopkins University. The U. S. Amateur Hockey League was set up in New York City shortly after the opening of the St. Nicholas Rink and its artificial ice rink.

Professional new ice hockey leagues have developed ever since in Europe. The game is still popular and leading to national championships. Some of the top leagues in Europe comprise of the Kontinental Hockey League, the Czech Extraliga, the Finnish SM-liiga and the Swedish Elitserien.

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