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Ice Hockey World Championships

Ice Hockey World Championships are annual ice hockey tournaments organized by the IIHF. These tournaments were first held officially at the 1920 Summer Olympics and are recognized as the first Ice Hockey World Championship.

The first of the Ice Hockey World Championships that was held as an individual event was in 1930, during which twelve nations participated. This basic format for these tournaments would continue to be used until 1992. In 1951, thirteen nations took part and were split into two groups. The top seven teams played for the Ice Hockey World Championships Championship. The other six played for ranking purposes.

As the IIHF grew, more and more teams began to participate at the Ice Hockey World Championships, therefore, more pools were introduced. The modern format for these championship features 16 teams in the championship group, where the teams play a preliminary round. Over the years, the tournament has gone through several rule changes for the Ice Hockey World Championships, which are open to all players, both professional and amateur.

For the Ice Hockey World Championships, Canada was first dominant team, winning more than 2 times between 1930 and 1952. Other competitive countries were United States, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Great Britain and Switzerland. The Soviet Union first took part in 1954 and soon became rivals with Canada. From 1963 on till 1991, the Soviet Union was the dominant team, winning 20 championships.

The Ice Hockey World Championships as of present is split up into four different divisions. Teams that are not ranked are not included here. The 75th championship was held between in 2011 in Bratislava and KoŇ°ice,

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