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Ice Hockey Penalties

Ice hockey penalties are punishment for any inappropriate behavior by the team players during the course of the game. Most of these penalties are put into effect by detaining the aberrant player and asking him to get off the game. He is kept within a penalty box for a set number of minutes, during which he is not allowed to participate in the game. Read on to know more about the Ice hockey penalties.

As the offending team usually is not allowed to replace the player, the opposing team is said to be on a power play, as they have one player more on the ice. The penalized player returns to play after the penalty expires. Most leagues recognize several common degrees of Ice hockey penalties. "Penalties in Minutes" has become a more common term in recent years.

Ice hockey penalties may last for two minutes, while some major penalties last even for five minutes. A double minor penalty means two successive penalties of two minutes length. Tripping, elbowing, roughing, delaying the game are often the common reasons behind the Ice hockey penalties. Some other grounds may be too many players on the ice, illegal equipment, charging, hooking, slashing, butt-ending etc;

More severe fouls may be reprimanded by four-minute double-minor Ice hockey penalties. Five-minute major penalties are called for especially violent instances, which may result in intentional injury to an opponent. There are some varieties of the Ice hockey penalties do not always need the offending team to play a man short.

There are common penalty degrees of minor and major penalties, as well as misconduct penalty and game misconduct penalty for the more severe misconduct. Besides there is Match penalty, Penalty shot, Gross misconduct penalty and Stacked penalties as well. . There are complicated rules as to how the Ice hockey penalties are enforced.

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