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The Ice Hockey Officials

A typical ice hockey game has two to four Ice hockey officials, whose responsibility is to see that the game progresses within the rules of the game. Two linesmen are responsible for calling offside and icing violations. Their duty is to break up fights, and conduct faceoffs, One or two referees, as the Ice hockey officials call out goals and all other penalties. Linesmen can, report to the referee for any assessment of any penalty against an offending player in some situations.

On-ice hockey officials are assisted by off-ice officials who also operate as goal judges, time keepers, and official scorers. The most prevalent system used today is the 3-man system and that is one referee and two linesmen. Another less commonly used system is the two referees and one linesman. These two systems are very similar except for a few procedure changes.

A number of leagues have started to implement the 4-official system for the Ice hockey officials, where an extra referee is added to assist in the calling of penalties, which is generally difficult to assess by a single referee. The system has proven to be quite successful and has even been adopted for the World Championships.

Ice hockey officials equipment
At times, the referee is the most important person in a game of ice hockey. Making calls and ensuring fair game, just like the players, these Ice hockey officials too need gear to protect him during the game and help him move around the ice quickly and safely. First of all it is the bold black and white stripes of his uniform that make him easy to spot. Reflective armbands can also be attached for additional visibility to coaches, players, and fans. Ice hockey can get rough, especially for the referee who has to be at the center of any action. Besides leg and shin guards, elbow pads, and protective girdles are especially made for refs, alongside standard protective gear and helmets as part of Ice hockey officials equipment.

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