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History of Ice Hockey

History of Ice hockey takes us back to the time when the game was played with a curved bat and a ball in the form of IJscolf, or Colf on ice. It was a very popular game in the Low Countries between the Middle Ages and the Dutch Golden Age. The ball was made of wood or leather and the stick was a wooden curved bat. Read on to learn more on the history of Ice hockey.

It is strongly believed that ice hockey evolved from stick-and-ball games played and adapted to the icy conditions of Canada around 19th century, according to the history of Ice hockey game. Although the name of hockey itself has no clear source, the first known mention of the word 'hockey' in English dates to 1799 in England.

Early form of ice hockey had no standard rules. Played in Nova Scotia, Canada, the early games in the history of Ice hockey may have absorbed the physically aggressive aspects of dehuntshigwa'es or lacrosse. Shinny is a popular Canadian term used for an informal type of hockey, either on ice or as street hockey.

In 1825, there is a written mention in history of Ice hockey by Sir John Franklin, who wrote that "The game of hockey played on the ice was the morning sport" during one of his Arctic expeditions. This is one of the earliest references of an early game of hockey on ice.

The earliest known reference to the word 'hockey', in the history of Ice hockey game comes from William Pierre Le Cocq, in a letter. From the context its clear it’s an altered form of the word "hook" referring to the end of the stick. According to the Austin Hockey Association, the word puck is obtained from the Scottish Gaelic word "puc" or the Irish word "poc," meaning to poke or deliver a blow.

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