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Popular Goaltender Styles

Perhaps the toughest part of a goalie mindset is his readiness to stand in front of hard shots repeatedly and facing them to deflect the course of the game. Broken bones, concussions and bruises are common. Goaltender styles today are highly dependent on his positioning rather than pure reflexes. Today’s goalies have to be swift and proficient skaters. The goaltender styles help them come out and challenge shooters from a strong position. You are just at the right resource if seeking info on goaltender styles.

A couple of the goaltender styles

Stand-up style
As one of the oldest goaltender styles, here the goaltenders stop the puck from a standing position and not by bending down. The Goalies may stop the puck with their upper body or may kick the puck. This style was seen in the early NHL and was commonly used up until the early 60's.

Butterfly style
Another of the goaltender styles is the "Butterfly", where the goalie goes down on both pads and his toes point outwards. The tops of their pads meet in the middle, thus closing up the five hole. This is the most common style used in the modern games today.

Hybrid style
This style of goaltending is a mix of all styles. Here the goaltender largely relies on reaction and positioning to make saves. Hybrid goaltenders make kick saves and use the butterfly. They are generally not as conventional as goaltenders who depend heavily on the butterfly as a save selection. Most players are not a wholesome stand-up or butterfly, but generally tend to prefer stand-up or butterfly over the other.

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