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Main Functions of International Ice Hockey Federation

The main functions of international Ice Hockey Federation are to oversee, develop and organize the game throughout the world. The federation takes all the necessary measures to conduct itself and its affairs. Another of the functions of international Ice Hockey Federation is also to sponsor friendly relations among the member national associations. The idea is to operate in an organized manner for the good of the sport.

The federation may take all the necessary steps in order to conduct itself in accord with its statutes, bylaws and regulations. It advocates a clear jurisdiction concerning ice hockey at the international level. The functions of international Ice Hockey Federation also include arranging the sponsorships, license rights, advertising and merchandising relating to all the IIHF competitions.

Another of the main functions of international Ice Hockey Federation is to offer aid for the development of the young players, coaches and game officials. It is also responsible for carrying out transfers of the international players' transfers. Presiding over ice hockey in the Olympic Games as well as all other IIHF World Championships, it has to work in collaboration with local committees.

Besides running the world championships, functions of international Ice Hockey Federation also include organizing several European club competitions such as the Champions Hockey League or the Continental Cup. It is entitled to make decisions regarding the game's rules and the statutes.

The president of the international Ice Hockey Federation represents the federation and its interests. He is also responsible to see if the decisions are made according to the federation's statues and regulations. He is assisted by the General Secretary who also overlooks the working and functions of international Ice Hockey Federation.

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